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Wendy Becker BA, LMP, Dipl,L.Ac., EAMP

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My priority is helping to facilitate your health and wellness goals. Thank you, for choosing me to be a part of your provider team.
"Forms are required for all treatments provided by this office. These forms need to be downloaded in color for files to be legally complete. Thank you!"
  • Aetna
  • Coordinated Care

If your health insurance company is not listed, I am Out of Network. However, if you have benefits for massage and/or acupuncture, I will provide you with a receipt form known as a Superbill to submit to your insurance carrier. This receipt form has all information pertinent for your claim to be processed. All you need to do is put this form into a stamped envelope addressed to the Claims Department of your health insurance carrier.

  • Health Savings Account
  • Health Flexible Savings Account
  • Spendwell Provider

I specialize in personal injury protection to help you navigate the claims process and restore your ability to function more pain-free again. In the State of Washington, massage and acupuncture is often covered no matter the circumstances surrounding the accident. Here are some suggested guidelines to opening a claim and getting the care you need from me:

  1. 1.Get evaluated by a physician.
  2. 2. Contact Your Auto Insurance Company
  3. 3. Get prescription for massage referral from a healthcare provider who has script writing authority such as a primary care physician, chiropractor or naturopathic doctor. The following information is required on prescriptions:
    • — Issue date
    • — ICD-10 Diagnosis Code
    • — Frequency and duration for treatment or number of visits allowed
    • — Provider name and physical or electronic signature
  4. 4. Schedule appointment with me
  5. 5. Download Patient Forms on Information page of website:
  6. 6. Bring to your first visit:
    • — Completed Patient Forms with Claim Information
    • — Doctor Referral
    • — Prescription
    • — Attorney Contact Information
  7. 7. Journal daily how you are feeling, frequency and severity of physical symptoms. This can be easily done on a calendar with emojis and short descriptions of pain. Doing this will help you see your progress.

Acupuncture is a very effective first step in helping to take the initial stages of shock experienced by your body resulting from auto injury. In many cases, I have observed acupuncture to reduce the duration of suffering acute pain by 20-50% from the date of injury.


Currently I am not an L&I provider. While massage treatment may be prescribed by a network L&I physician, acupuncture is not a recognized treatment in Washington State per WAC 296-20-03002(2).

Several payment at time of service options are available:
  • Square Card Payment
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Cash

Heal With Wendy Inc and Wendy Becker, BA, LMT, Dipl. LAc, EAMP, CNRT-M, does not verify benefits or guarantee coverage for services provided. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be accurate with what benefits you are entitled to regarding your membership plan. To verify your insurance coverage phone the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card to find out your massage and acupuncture benefits. If your claim is denied charges accrued from your visits become your financial responsibility.

Current Pay at Time of Service Fee Schedules

A processing fee of $5.00 applies to all use of Square payment card transactions and accepts.
Apple Pay, Android Pay, VISA, MC, American Express, and DISCOVER
Gift certificates, product, and herbal supplementation sold separately.
Pay Wendy with Square

First Session $160
Acupuncture Session
First Insertion Minimal 15 mins $85
Additional Insertion 15 mins $125
Add-On Treatment Option 15 mins $55
Massage Therapy Session
Massage 60 mins $100
Add-On Treatment Option 15 mins $25
Supplemental Physical Medicine
Neuromuscular Re-education $45
Moxa, Gua Sha, Other $30
Cupping Focused Session 45 min $90

Add-On Treatment Options are available within 1 hour appointment time blocks where we work collaboratively to come up with an appropriate treatment plan each time you visit my multi-specialty practice. As listed above, you may add 15 minutes of massage to acupuncture ($110) or vise-versa, add 15 minutes of acupuncture to 30 minutes of massage ($105). Supplemental Physical Medicine methods are used intermittently in conjunction with acupuncture and massage. With exception to Cupping Focused Session, neuromuscular re-education, moxa, gua sha and cupping are not stand alone treatments but tools to gently help augment your healing. Thus, Supplemental Physical Medicine charges are added when necessary. Please be advised: 1) New acupuncture patients are scheduled for 90 minutes. 2) Actual massage treatments end at 50 minutes for chart note completion.

Except for where listed, I am out of network as a health insurance provider for most health insurance carriers. You are encouraged to find out about your own membership benefits for possible reimbursement. Upon request, I will provide you receipt for services you can submit to your insurance company. Several payment at time of service options are available:

  • Square Card Payment
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Cash

*It is the office policy of Wendy Becker, BA, LMP, Dipl. L.Ac.EAMP to require cancellation notice 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or fail to attend a scheduled appointment, you will be invoiced a fee of $50.00

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