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Wendy Becker BA, LMP, Dipl,L.Ac., EAMP

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It is my intention to create a safe space for patients to rediscover inhabiting their bodies and connect with the spirit of who they are
"Acupuncture improves your body’s energy, increases circulation, enhances sleep, strengthens your immune system, and can also decrease stress. "

Acupuncture works by addresses the patterns of energy flow (Qi) that course throughout the body and are essential for health. Disorders of this flow are believed to be responsible for illness and discomfort. Acupuncture is used to correct imbalances of Qi, thus promoting relief or recovery.

Reviews of Acupuncture with Wendy

Wendy has uncommon understanding of the body
“Wendy has uncommon understanding of the body. There is much she knows kinesthetically from the inside out. I am lucky enough to receive treatments with her on a regular basis, so I know the depth of her integrity and skill. I enjoy both her thoughtful questions and the way her ideas invite me to open to new understanding of my own work.”
—Michael Max, LAc
Whole body experience
“Wendy provides a whole body experience: I come. We talk. She confirms and determines the course of action to best improve my health. Massage, cupping, acupuncture … one or two or all. I always walk away from a session with Wendy taller, straighter and calmer.”
— Bill R.
The most complete and prompt relief I have ever experienced
“Wendy graciously met me on a Sunday afternoon to address neck and shoulder pain that wouldn’t let me hold my head up. The doctor’s prescribed muscle relaxants didn’t touch it. I had tried massage with someone else, got temporary relief but also felt almost bruised. After a few days, the pain was back and much stronger. Wendy performed acupuncture on me. The pain stopped. It was little short of a miracle. … This was the most complete and prompt relief I have ever experienced.”
— L. N.
“Your professionalism and knowledge of the body gives me confidence in your work.”
— Roy
Finds the areas that need attention right away
“Wendy finds the areas that need attention right away. She releases the tensions with acupuncture that effect the whole body, not just that one area. She is gentle and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. You come away at the end feeling relaxed and released from the areas that need releasing. She is the only way to go”
— Didi K
As a C5 quadriplegic I have benefited greatly
“As a C5 quadriplegic I have benefited greatly from Wendy's practice. … When I first met Wendy, I had painful leg and back spasms (especially at night). I am pleased to report the nightly spasms are almost nonexistent, and the ones that happen in the daytime are more manageable. I highly recommend Wendy's services to anyone looking to heal.”
— D. H.
Knowledge, intellect, sensitivity, empathy, wisdom and intuition
“Wendy is an excellent healer with a uniquely balanced approach in that she blends her knowledge, intellect, sensitivity, empathy, wisdom and intuition into each applied treatment. I have benefited tremendously from 5 Element acupuncture and massage services. The most significant benefit is that my severe seasonal allergies no longer bother me and are treated naturally. I will continue to recommend Wendy to my clients and friends.”
— Jessica B.
Undivided attention to balance, relieve and restore

I like to call cupping "the treatment that really sucks!" It is an effective therapy to treat a variety of issues, from muscle and fascia tension to respiratory ailments including colds and flu.

Cupping involves the use of slightly heated small glass, rubber or silicone cups placed on the body. This creates a suction that is used to treat ailments bringing toxins to the surface of the skin and freeing up tissues to promote healing.

An ancient form of complementary medicine historically used with many cultural health traditions around the world. Today, it is associated in what is known today as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Issues treated by cupping may include:

  • Athletic injury, such as tennis elbow, shin splints, acute/chronic injury
  • Physical muscle tension due to emotional trauma or distress
  • Upper respiratory congestion and coughs
  • Improve and regulate circulation, oxygenation and detoxification of blood and lymph

Reviews of Cupping with Wendy

A powerful combination for healing
“Wendy takes her time to thoroughly understand every patient's needs. She has a thoughtful and intuitive nature which lends itself to enjoyable sessions with great outcomes. Also, her ability to offer massage, cupping and acupuncture is a powerful combination for healing.”
— Susan M.
Kind, caring and extremely skilled therapist
“Wendy has been my massage therapist for close to a decade. She is a kind, caring and extremely skilled therapist. Her knowledge base is extensive, and she never fails to pass on some interesting bit of information about body, mind or spirit. Wendy has added acupuncture to her skill set which is a perfect complement to her massage and cupping treatments. I trust Wendy implicitly and know that I am very good hands each time I get on her table.”
— Laura L
“WOW—that was an amazing healing. It felt like years or lifetimes of release on my lungs. I can breathe deeply. Thank you!”
— S. K.
“I'm feeling MUCH better today. THANKS! I got a lot more sleep last night. I've [been] able to drink more water since my throat no longer hurts to drink.”
— Bruce T.

Massage therapy isn't simply about treating what hurts. It is first and foremost about improving the body's structural alignment. The skeletal system is the foundation upon which everything else is built. A healthy skeleton enables effective bodywork, allowing the treatment of specific areas of pain or injury.

Neuromuscular massage therapy is a highly effective and specialized form of therapeutic bodywork that aims to heal pain and physical disorders by stimulating and releasing specific trigger points.

With acute injury or pain, my approach typically involves successive short sessions rather than one or two long sessions. It may also include movement homework to supplement the work we do in each session.

Therapeutic massage can have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Recovery from injury
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Athletic performance enhancement

Reviews of Massage with Wendy

Genuinely concerned about her clients and very skilled
“I first found out about Wendy when she would come to my place of work and provide short massages for everyone. It was spectacular! I then started going to her for help with my tension and neck/back pain. She used massage and cupping with me and both provided the relief I sought. I highly recommend Wendy—she is genuinely concerned about her clients and very skilled.”
— Jen F.
Definitely the very best
“Having suffered with back and neck issues for many years, I had seen quite a few different massage therapists. After relocating to the Wallingford area I began getting regular massage from Wendy. While I consider a couple of my prior therapists to be very good, Wendy is definitely the very best. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on what needs the work and the knowledge and talent to follow through with therapeutic massage that always leaves me in a much better state.”
— Jay
Particularly understands the body mechanics of a vigorous senior
“Being an athlete herself, Wendy particularly understands the body mechanics of a vigorous (senior) person. Her combined use of Chinese pressure points and western massage are very effective. Wendy worked with me for years and I am so grateful for her expertise.”
— Bill B.
“Wendy has excellent attention to details, catered to my comfort and wishes, extremely professional.”
— Jan
Understands how to work the human body like no other therapist
“I have been working with Wendy for years trying to address a significant spinal curvature through massage, cupping and occasional accupuncture. I leave every session with her deeply relaxed and noticeably straighter. Wendy understands how to work the human body like no other therapist I have ever worked with. She is very intuitive and manages to identify the right connections, thus providing long-term relief. I have deep appreciation for the changes she has managed to bring about in my posture and for what she has contributed to my overall well-being.”
— Manuela N.
I could do things I used to do
“I felt much better last week and I could do almost things I used to do. This week I feel pain has almost gone, hopefully. It was a very nice experience for me to know pain had come from not only wrists but also whole body. And your therapy was very good and I had a good time. Thank you.”
— Keiko
I teach and demonstrate to my patients the importance of properly executed movement for everyday life, athletic enjoyment, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Massage combined with a variety of healing modalities can provide a far-reaching treatment for athletes of any age and level. Helping you play without pain, reach your peak performance goals, or simply get back to the sport you love.

Sports and athletic issues successfully treated may include:

  • Athletic injuries such as: tennis elbow, shin splints, acute/chronic injury
  • Physical muscle tension due to emotional trauma or distress

Reviews of Sports Therapy with Wendy

Wendy’s knowledge of the intricacies of the body
“Wendy’s knowledge of the intricacies of the body proved to be instrumental in guiding me toward a greater understanding and implementation of a program of effective Body Balancing stretches and soft tissue release techniques. … With Wendy’s enthusiastic assistance fitting our clients, we successfully documented strong percentage gains in kilojoules and wattage often with decreases in heart rate. For a competitive cyclist or triathlete, this is the highest level of performance enhancement obtainable.”
— John Howard, USA Cycling Hall of Fame Member, US Olympian & 1982 Ironman World Triathlon Champion
Kona Ironman says Wendy is the best massage therapist he's ever met
“I have been seeing Wendy for massages since 1997. I have had over 300 massages from her. … The man who won the first Kona Ironman says Wendy is the best massage therapist he's ever met. I couldn't agree more. Wendy also is a licensed acupuncturist, further adding to her skill set.”
— Bruce T.
Enjoying being an Olympian, Thanks!
“Many, many thanks for your extraordinary help, advice and fellowship in getting me to this place. Without your help, I might not be sitting here in Lucerne, Switzerland looking out on the Alps and enjoying being an Olympian.”
— Jennifer, Rowing Olympian
Shin splints are gone!
“Thanks so much. I feel better with the exercises. The shin splints are gone and hopefully will stay away. You did a great job and I will definitely refer friends to you.”
— K. S.
“My leg is feeling much better. I ran for 40 minutes yesterday! I am leaving for Argentina tomorrow and then onto Brazil for two more races. Thanks for everything!”
— Katie

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